We offer Airbrush Facepainting or a Brush Face Painter.  Airbrushing is one of our latest and hottest skills offered. The artists can quickly do lots of people, using a variety of stencils.
Custom made stencils available. Requires electricity

Face Painter – Regular Brush Hand painted works of art. Styles range from Mardi Gras Swirls to contemporary tattoos.

Your clients become divas and dashing gent



  • To have more than one entertainer for your event, increase the quantity when submitting for the quote.
  • Each quote will be quoted for a  2-hour minimum on entertainers.  (Parades are exceptions.)
  • If you have questions or need assistance please hit the chat button, call or leave a message through the offline chat.
  • If you would like help with ideas our creative staff is here to help.
    • Just call 504-949-4009 during normal business hours
    • Chat with us below.  If we are offline please leave a message and we will get back to you asap!